For 5 years the Peoples Budget Review (PBR) has been the voice for the people of St Petersburg on how our money should be spent on the City Budget. This year, we need more than ever to make the people’s priorities clear to City Hall. Join with thousands of others now and take this brief survey.
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With the City expecting additional revenue this year, we want to know where you think that money should be prioritized. Please rate the following priorities.

Affordable Housing *

Education *

Job Creation *

Neighborhood Improvement *

Fighting Poverty *

Crime Prevention *

Environmental Protections *

Reining in Government Spending *

Tax Rebates for Residents *

Creating Living Wage Jobs *

Something else? Please tell us.

Current legislation proposed in the City

Priorities and policy can also be brought up through legislation in the City. There are currently several big ideas on the process of legislation.
The City Council has passed a resolution calling on the Pinellas County Commissioners to institute inclusionary zoning. Inclusionary zoning sets aside a percentage of each new housing development as “affordable.” *

Should St Petersburg provide a living wage to all contractors it hires to perform work within the City? *

Do you think the City of St Petersburg should pass an ordinance to get big money out of local politics by (1) banning Super PAC contributions to candidates and (2) limiting contributions from corporations with significant foreign ownership? *

Super PACs are organizations that raise and bundle unlimited sums of money to influence elections. A significantly foreign-owned corporation is likely to be a large national corporation, not a small or medium size local business.

To dig deeper into this issue, here is an explanation of this proposed ordinance. *

Supporters argue that “big money” interests are now starting to undermine democracy at the city and county level after already doing so at the national and state level. For two (of many) examples, they point to a Palm Beach Super PAC that spent $360,000 to influence the recent Pinellas County School Board election and the company Uber spending multiple millions in Austin, Texas, to influence elections there. Opponents worry that this ordinance would be challenged in the courts, and if the city loses, it could be liable for the legal fees of the other side. Opponents claim fees could be anywhere from $100,000 up to $2 million if it goes all the way to the Supreme Court. Now that you know about the arguments on both sides, what do you think?

Last year the City ended the practice of holding three budget summits at different locations, which attracted hundreds of residents to give their views directly to the Council and Mayor. Should the City hold three budget summits again to insure that residents have the opportunity to offer opinions to City officials directly? *


We request this information to ensure our results are representative of the St. Petersburg community as a whole. Please answers these final few questions to complete the survey.
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What is your race or ethnicity

What was your total household income last year?

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So we know you are a St Petersburg resident
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